Legal Notice

Pursuant to Section 6131.04 of the Ohio Revised Code, on the 20th day of September 2018 a county petition was filed by Ronald Sparks, Robert Stieber, Zachary Schafer, Eli Schafer, Kraig Schafer, Laurence Koch, and Shawn Houck with the Clerk to the Board of Huron County Commissioners, to reconstruct an agricultural ditch as provided for in Chapter 6137 of the Ohio Revised Code for the Stieber Metro Park Ditch. The substance and prayer of which said petition is that the reconstruction of agricultural ditch is necessary, will benefit the petitioners, and will be conducive to the public welfare, and prays for the making of such improvement on the following course and termini to-wit.

Commencing at a point in the centerline of an existing ditch approximately 30 ft. east of the centerline of Halfway Road and 375 ft. north of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad, which also can be described as being approximately 2250 ft. north and 30 ft. east of the southwest corner of Great Lot 9; Section 2; Ridgefield Township; Huron County Ohio. Said improvement shall extend upstream southwest. This improvement will cross Halfway Road a station 48 & 70 and continue upstream to the west along south property line of Lorain County Metro Parks District ETAL property and end approximately 3,870 ft. west of Halfway Road. Said termini can be described as being 1,120 ft. south and 430 ft. west of northeast corner of Great Lot 19, Section 1; Ridgefield Township; Huron County

The following is the nature of the work petitioned for: Brush, tree removal, bottom cleanout, side slope reconstruction where needed.

Pursuant to ORC 6131.07, notice is given to you and each of you that:

The Board hereby fixes Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. as the rescheduled date and time for the first hearing for the proposed ditch project at the Huron County Administration Building, Top Floor, 180 Milan Avenue, Ste. 7, Norwalk, Ohio 44857.

This notice can be located on the county’s internet site on the worldwide web, at click on legal notice button.

By Order of:
The Board of Huron County Commissioners
Vickie Ziemba, Administrator/Clerk