Notice of Public Hearing -Alley Vacation


Pursuant to Section 5553.045 of the Ohio Revised Code, notice of a Public Hearing by Huron County Commissioners for the purpose of determining whether to vacate two alleys, public right-of-ways within the unincorporated area of New Haven Township, Huron County, and State of Ohio described generally as follows:

Alley #1, North of State Route 61 and East of State Route 598, running east and west, situated along the boundary lines of the following parcels:

240280010830000, 240280010840000 Zandra Montgomery,

240280010850000, 240280010860000 Robert & Ruth Williams,

240280010370000, 240280010360000 William Nelson,

240280010350000, 240280010340000 Rebecca Johnson,

240280010330000, Vernon Dull,

24020020340000, Charles & Gerald E. Wyandt

Alley #2, Along the East Boundary of the Village of New Haven, between State Route 224 and State Route 61, running north and south, situated along the boundary lines of the following parcels:

240020020520000, Charles & Gerald E. Wyandt,

240280010380000, 240280010390000 Gary & Karen Wilson,

240280010390000, 240280010400000 Gregg Hamons,

240280010410000, 240280010420000 Gary & Victoria Beamer,

240280010430000, 240280010440000, 240280010450000 Angie Loney.

in accordance with Section 5553.045 of the Ohio Revised Code;                                                                                                

Map of said alleys to be vacated is available for viewing in the office of the Huron County Commissioners, 180 Milan Avenue, Norwalk, Ohio, during regular working hours, of 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

The Board of County Commissioners have continued the public hearing to determine whether said alleys shall be vacated until Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the Huron County Board of Commissioners’ Board Room, 180 Milan Avenue, Ste. 7, Norwalk, Ohio.  All interested parties are invited to attend and express their views and comments.

This notice may also be found on the Huron County Commissioners website at and can be accessed by clicking on Legal Notices.


Vickie Ziemba, Administrator/Clerk

Publish:   Friday, January 4, 2018