Huron County Juvenile Court Probation Officer

Full time-Salary: $41,600.00

Job Responsibilities:
•Supervise youth placed on probation.
•Meet with child and parents to explain probation rules and monitor compliance.
•Maintain regular contact with schools, law enforcement agencies, mental health and social service agencies.
•Make appropriate program and agency referrals;
•Maintain accurate case notes;
•Serve as court liaison with youth and family.
•Conduct drug tests, make detention and electronic monitoring recommendations and handle necessary arrangements.
•Attend hearings for supervised youth, testify, take appropriate case notes, provide necessary information for journal entry preparation, make dispositional recommendations and referrals.
•Serve as on call court probation officer handling after hours calls and making necessary decisions and arrangements, including detention (on rotating basis).
•Perform miscellaneous tasks as directed by the Judge, Court Administrator, and Chief Probation Officer.

•Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, education, or one of the social sciences or related experience.
•Knowledge of computers and applications including, but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Apply by submitting resume to by March 15, 2024