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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Melanie Myers, Public Information Officer Huron County Public Health 28 Executive Drive Norwalk, Ohio 44857 Phone: 419-668-1652, ext: 234 March 25, 2020 COVID-19 Guidance for Older AdultsNORWALK, Ohio— As we continue to learn new information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it is apparent that the disease is heavily impacting adults 65 years and older. HCPH would like to re-emphasize the importance for this population to continue to follow the guidance provided through the Ohio Department of Health including social distancing recommendations and let our residents know that help is available. As of March 21, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting that 8 out of 10 deaths reported in the U.S. have been in adults 65 years old and older and are estimating that 31-59% of adults 65-84 years old are requiring hospitalization for COVID-19. Of those requiring hospitalization, it is estimated that 11-31% are requiring admission to intensive care units and 4-11% die due to COVID-19. As these statistics are alarming, there are steps that residents can take to keep safe. HCPH is recommending residents in this age group to:
•Stay home as much as possible
•Wash your hands often
•Avoid touching your face
•Avoid crowds and close contact (6 feet, which is about two arm lengths) with people who are sick
•Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
•Avoid all non-essential travel including plane trips, and especially avoid embarking on cruises
•Utilize available hours for senior shopping at local retail stores (see below for details)
•Consider ways of getting food brought to your house through family or commercial networks
•Have extra supplies such as groceries and medications on hand
As COVID-19 is spreading in Huron County, it is important that individuals contact their healthcare provider to ask about obtaining extra necessary medications to have on hand for a prolonged period of time. If you cannot get extra medications, consider using mail-order for medications. Be sure you have over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies (tissues, etc.) to treat fever and other symptoms.
Huron County is aware that residents in this age group may need extra assistance during this time. Local resources are available. The Huron County Chamber of Commerce has created a website including local food services currently operating, local businesses that are participating in senior shopping hours, and businesses
that are delivering medications. Residents can access the Huron County Chamber of Commerce’s website at or call them at 419-668-4155. If you or a loved one is experiencing stress or anxiety regarding COVID-19, contact the Huron County Board of Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS) support line at 567-743-7155. The support line is available 7 days a week from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm daily.
HCPH is encouraging residents with a loved one in this age group to know what medications your loved one is taking and see if you can help them have extra on hand, monitor food and other medical supplies (oxygen, incontinence, dialysis, wound care) needed and create a back-up plan, and stock up on non-perishable food to have on hand in your home to minimize trips to stores. If you care for a loved one living in a care facility, monitor the situation, ask about the health of the other residents frequently and know the protocol if there is an outbreak.

Huron County Public Health
28 Executive Drive, Norwalk, OH 44857 | P: 419-668-1652 | | F: 419-668-0452
Serving Bellevue, Norwalk, Willard and all of Huron County. | @HuronCoHealth
An equal opportunity provider of employment and services.

March 25, 2020
Centralized PPE Collection Point Established
NORWALK, Ohio— Due to the limited supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available within Huron County, there are multiple facilities searching for donated supplies from local businesses, schools and others who have been willing to donate. Huron County Public Health (HCPH), Huron County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), and the Huron County Commissioners have established the Huron County EMA as the central collection and distribution point for ANY AND ALL PPE donations. This means all donations of PPE and requests for PPE should be coordinated through the Huron County EMA during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are strongly encouraging that individual health care facilities and first responders not reach out separately for donations, please contact Huron County EMA with requests. This is an organized way of collecting materials within the community that allow the most efficient distribution and lessen confusion for donors. Huron County EMA is working under the direction of Incident Commander and HCPH Health Commissioner, Tim Hollinger.
The hours of operation for the collection point at Huron County EMA will be Monday – Friday from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., call 419-663-5772 with questions. After business hours, please contact Tacy Bond at 419-541-0359 regarding donations. The collection point is currently accepting donations including:
• N95 Masks,
• Hand sanitizer,
• Gowns,
• Face shields,
• Disinfecting wipes,
• Surgical masks,
• Thermometers,
• Eye protection, and
• Nitrile gloves
As supplies are collected, they will be distributed to local healthcare facilities and first responders based on each individual facility’s critical needs.

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All County Buildings Closed to Public


Huron County Office Buildings

Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, Huron County Buildings will be closed to the public effective March 23rd until further notice. Staff members will report to work daily in order to continue to conduct county business.

The Huron County Courthouse will remain open to conduct essential business. The Court requests that only persons having live hearings come to the Courthouse. All filings should be done by regular mail, fax, or email, if possible. Many hearings will be continued or conducted telephonically. Please contact your attorney or the Court to confirm when your attendance is required.

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